Bruno Fernandes is a sensational soccer player, most famous for his performance at Manchester United. Currently, he is on his second season with the club and is considered one of the top Premier League players.

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is Presented with the Premier League Player of the Month at Aon Training Complex. Photo: Alex LiveseySource: Getty Images

For most Red Devils fans, Bruno Fernandes is the club’s Talisman. His impressive goal-scoring ability, combined with numerous assists, has helped uplift the mood at United. But how much does the world know about the Portuguese international? Below is a a detailed bio on the player, from his career, personal life, and physical stats.

Bruno Fernandes profile summary

  • Full name: Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes
  • Date of birth: September 8, 1994
  • Place of birth: Maia, Porto, Portugal
  • Age: 26 years
  • Nickname: Bruno, Super Bruno
  • Family name: Borges
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Current residence: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Language: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English
  • Profession: professional footballer
  • Marital status: Married (Ana Pinho)
  • Height in feet: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight in Kg: 69 kg
  • Height in metre: 1.79 m
  • Weight in Lbs: 152 lbs
  • Shoe size (US): 9

Early life

Bruno Fernandes (real name Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes) was born on September 8, 1994. He is from Maia, a municipality in Porto’s metropolitan area, where he grew up. Bruno developed a passion for football at a young age.

He was inspired to start playing by his cousin, Victor Borges, who played professionally for the Serie B club, Boavista. At just eight years old, he was playing youth football for FC Infesta, a tier four Portuguese football club based in Porto.

At the age of 10, Bruno joined his cousin’s old club, Boavista FC, where he continued playing for the next eight years. It was here that his star started to shine.


Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United is Presented with the Premier League Player of the Month for February. Photo: Alex LiveseySource: Getty Images

Bruno has had a long and successful career as a footballer. Below is a look at his career development from a youth player to an international star.

Club career

Bruno Fernandes started his professional career with the Italian club Novara, which he joined in August 2012 at just 18 years old. Initially, he had been recruited to the club’s youth team. However, his performance was impressive, which earned him a promotion to the senior side within weeks of arriving at the club.

He made his senior debut in the Italian Serie B league during the 2012/13 season, appearing 23 times and scoring four goals. After an impressive performance at Novara, the young Bruno Fernandes attracted the attention of some football giants. Some of the top clubs that expressed interest included Inter Milan and Juventus.

However, he signed a contract with Serie A side Udinese. At Udinese, Bruno continued to hone his talent under football legends such as Antonio Di Natale. He stayed in the club for three seasons before moving to another Serie A side, Sampdoria, in 2016 on a loan deal.

After the end of the 2016/17 season, Bruno Fernandes returned to Portugal, joining the Primera Liga side Sporting CP. At the club, his star shone, proving to everyone that he was a world-class football player. For three seasons, Bruno made a total of 137 appearances and managed an impressive 64 goals.

Bruno Fernandes’ stats (goals and assists) while at Sporting CP led to interest from top clubs worldwide. In 2020, English Premier League side, Manchester United, reached a deal with the Primera League side to sign Fernandes.

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The initial transfer fee for the player was £46.6m, but the deal came with add-ons that saw Red Devils pay a total of £67 million for the Portuguese player. Bruno has continued with his impressive performance at United. He has made 80 appearances for the club, netting 40 goals.

International career

Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United celebrates scoring their first goal. Photo: Matthew PetersSource: Getty Images

Aside from his club career, Bruno Fernandes has been a regular feature on Portugal’s men’s national football team on several levels. He was first called to international duty in 2012 for the Under 19 side, for which he appeared twice.

In 2014, he made five appearances for the Under 20 side, during which period he scored his first international goal. In the same year, he was named to the Under 21 side and remained on the side’s national roster for the next three years. He represented Portugal in the 2016 Summer Olympics, leading the team to the quarter-finals.

While still featuring the Under 21, Bruno Fernandes was named on the Under 23 side in 2016 and made three appearances. In 2017, he debuted Portugal’s senior men’s national football game in a friendly match against Saudi Arabia.

Bruno Fernandes would later be named to the 2018 World Cup squad, where he played his first game in the tournament against Spain. Currently, he has made 28 appearances for the senior side, scoring twice.

Position and style of play

What is Bruno Fernandes’ best position? The Portuguese international has always played as a midfielder during his club and international career. Since joining United, he has played as a central attacking midfielder. His current position at Manchester United sees him play as a box-to-box Playmaker.

He can assist with defence when pressed by opponents and set the attack rhythm while on offence. Bruno is also good at dead-ball situations and is an accurate free-kick and spot-kick taker. He also likes to shoot from outside the box, one of the reasons for his prolific goal-scoring abilities.


Bruno Fernandes is a public figure who spends a lot of time in the limelight. However, there is still a lot that is unknown about the football star. Below is a look at some of his personal information.

Parents and siblings

Bruno Fernandes takes excellent care to protect his family from the public eye. However, it is general knowledge that he was born into a sports-loving family. His father is Jose Fernandes, a former football player who gave up the sport before moving abroad to provide for his family.

Bruno Fernandes’ mother, Virginia Borges, is also a huge football fan who supports FC Porto but started supporting Sporting CP following her son’s transfer. She is one of the strongest supporters of Bruno’s football career. When the rest of the family moved abroad for a better life, she was left behind in Portugal to continue with his youth career.

Bruno Fernandes grew up alongside siblings, whom not much is known about. The only exception is his brother Ricardo Fernandes, a huge fan of Bruno’s career and who works in London for the NHS.

Wife and children

Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes with his wife and kid smiling for the camera. Photo: @brunofernandes.10Source: Instagram

Is Bruno Fernandes married? Yes. The Portuguese national is married to Ana Pinho, who is also from Portugal. The couple met while attending high school in Boavista, Porto.

Since then, Ana has been a constant figure in Bruno’s life, supporting him through various challenges throughout his career. She was behind him when he left Portugal for a career in Italy and would later move to London when Manchester United signed him.

Bruno and Ana got married in 2015 and welcomed their first-born daughter, Matilde Fernandes, in 2017. In 2020, the couple was blessed with another child, this time a son – Goncalo Fernandes.

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Salary and net worth

What is Bruno Fernandes’ salary? Like many footballers who have made it to the top European club, Bruno is raking in a lot of money. Currently, Bruno Fernandes’s weekly salary stands at £180,000, or £9,360,000 per year.

But the United star is likely to be taking home a higher figure, considering this is just the base pay. While the full details of his contracts are unclear, most Premier League stars earn quite a lot through goal and assists bonuses, appearances, champion league bonuses, and image rights deals.

What about Bruno Fernandes’s net worth? How much is the Portuguese star worth? In 2020, his net worth was estimated to be around $6 to 10 million.

Much of the wealth was from his earnings at Sporting CP and first-season salary at United. However, the figure is set to skyrocket after signing a new contract that will see him pocket over £56 million in 7 years.

Houses and cars

Bruno and his family currently live in Manchester, United Kingdom. There is not much information on the house, but he has revealed that his teammate, Paul Pogba, helped him search for the new home.

What about cars? What car(s) does Bruno Fernandes drive? He has been seen driving around in several vehicles that include:

  • A BMW X5
  • Mercedes Benz GLC300 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mini Cooper JCW Hardtop

Physical stats and tattoos

Bruno Fernandes’ height is 1.79 meters, while his current weight is 69 kg. His body measurements are 39-inches (chest), 14-inches (biceps), and 32-inch (waist). He has black hair and grey eyes. Another distinctive feature about Bruno Fernandes is his tattoo.

He has a visible tattoo on his right arm, which has the letter F and the number 8. The F stands for Fernandes, while 8 is his lucky number. It is his birthday (born on September 8) and was his father’s former jersey number. It was also the jersey number he wore at Sporting CP during the rise of his career.

Bruno Fernandes fast facts

  1. How old is Bruno Fernandes? He is 26 years old. He was born on September 8, 1994.
  2. Where is Bruno Fernandes from? He is from Maia, Porto in Portugal
  3. Is Bruno Fernandes married? Yes, he is married to Ana Pinho, his high school sweetheart.
  4. Does Bruno Fernandes have children? Yes, he has two children – a daughter and a son.
  5. How much does Bruno Fernandes earn? Currently, he makes a weekly base salary of £180,000.
  6. When did Bruno Fernandes start playing soccer? He started playing youth soccer at eight years but made his professional debut at 18 years for Novara.
  7. Which language does Bruno Fernandes speak? He speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Italian.
  8. What position does Bruno Fernandes play? He is a midfielder and is currently deployed as a number 10 attacking midfield by Manchester United.
  9. What is Bruno Fernandes’ jersey number? While he prefers his lucky number 8, Bruno currently wears jersey number 18.

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